Sunday, July 08, 2012

Baby, it's HOT out side!!!!!

It is HOT out side; our thermometer cruised right past the century mark today! *whew*
So, what are the Johnson's doing in the blistering heat? Why, buying snow blowers and baking pies of course!
Keith scored a deal on Craigslist and picked up a nearly new, American made, snow-thrower for a fraction of the $$ it would normally cost. Ask him about it, he'll tell ya.  "Used once, small stain..."
No more shoveling snow for this guy!

I had a wild hair and had to bake some pies, a chicken pot pie, and a cherry pie.  I found an awesome pie crust recipe in the latest Mary Jane's Farm. I normally have bad luck with crusts, but this recipe worked like a charm! I used the tip to replace a portion of the water used in forming the crust with whisky, or vodka.  Who knew?
Hey, get your own MJF magazine!
The secret is BOOZE!