Monday, September 17, 2012

Pocket Swapping and Doggie Sweaters

Have I mentioned that I love being a Farm girl? The Farm girl sisterhood is the best!
 In the latest swap I participated in we cut pockets off of old jeans and decorated them for Halloween. then filled the pockets with goodies and sent them off. This is what my swap partner sent to me.

Smile Fritter!

I have also been crocheting silly sweaters for the doggies in the family. Schnapps is wearing her U of Montana cheerleader sweater and Fritter is Agent F from Men in Black. Fritter's sweater will need a little tweaking, (black lapels) and then she will be ready for the Homecoming Parade!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Farm girl swapping

This summer I have been swapping goodies with my farm girl sisters! I have already received jams from Tricia in Texas. They were delicious and GONE before I could take a picture! I also received a lovely handknit washcloth and goodies from Elizabeth in Spokane. Thank you ladies! i love my farm girl sistas!

Too close for comfort!

Last night our neighbor's barn burnt down!
The guys from the power company are replacing the power poles that burnt.

I took these pics from our back gate.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Baby, it's HOT out side!!!!!

It is HOT out side; our thermometer cruised right past the century mark today! *whew*
So, what are the Johnson's doing in the blistering heat? Why, buying snow blowers and baking pies of course!
Keith scored a deal on Craigslist and picked up a nearly new, American made, snow-thrower for a fraction of the $$ it would normally cost. Ask him about it, he'll tell ya.  "Used once, small stain..."
No more shoveling snow for this guy!

I had a wild hair and had to bake some pies, a chicken pot pie, and a cherry pie.  I found an awesome pie crust recipe in the latest Mary Jane's Farm. I normally have bad luck with crusts, but this recipe worked like a charm! I used the tip to replace a portion of the water used in forming the crust with whisky, or vodka.  Who knew?
Hey, get your own MJF magazine!
The secret is BOOZE!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

I'll get you my pretty...

and your little dog too!!!

Tornado outside of Hobson
 This tornado touched down around Hobson MT, Thank God no one was injured!

Last Tuesday our weather radio was alarming like crazy! We were under a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning all night. We don't get many tornadoes around here, and this night was a wild ride. We got lots of wind that schmucked the tomatoes, 1 -1/2 inches of rain, and more wind.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Year's Garden

It's going to be a great year for our garden! Keith really busted his behind to clear the area, put down weed mat and mulch, and build new boxes.
We even had some gnomes move in!
 There is a funky old rusty gate that I will paint a different color when I get the time, and we salvaged a rusty mailbox from a ditch and I use it to store my gloves and small tools. Enjoy the pics!

Funky garden gate!

Dwarf blueberry bushes in barrels with some flowers to keep them company!

There's a baby rhubarb in there, but now the petunias are showing off.

new garden boxes
This couple is swinging from a lilac branch.

Thanks Keith! You're Awesome!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Project Rapunzel

O.K. I'm sick of this short hair, and hair cuts that are more like scalpings.
So here goes a nice long-term project. I'm thinking 5 years!!!

I'll post pics of my hair as I remember, and I'll report on the all the silly things I try to keep it growing.
Here's the starting pic.
Please don't laugh.