Monday, March 19, 2007

Say Crick not Creek!

Hey B n' P fans!
Here's the news in our neck of the woods;
Heather got the ranch cook job at the Heaven and Earth Ranch!
We were both up there to see the place and it is a gorgeous piece of the Lord's Creation!
You can see pics of this place at

Also I have a new job working for an assisted living home.
I have a new uniform...icky green scrubs!

Every one please join in singing "Like a Surgeon, Hey!"
Weird Al rules!

I am working the graveyard shift, and the transition has been fine since I am naturally a night owl.
A good thing about this schedule is that when I get to Rome (someday), I won't have to change my sleep schedule!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

"Like a sur-ur-ur-ur-geon,
Got your kidneys
On my mind"

What good news about Heather!
What good news about your job!
I'm kvelling!