Saturday, September 18, 2010

livin' and learnin'

I was looking through the B & P archives and noticing the wish list of baby chicks... and for those who have not been here, we actually did get chickens a couple of years ago.
Here is "Bunny" the rooster with a few of our girls. They run up to the porch when they think the "treat lady" is there. We love having them around, they are so funny to watch, and the eggs are delicious!

Learning to can produce was on my "Bucket List" and so here are my latest efforts.
I turned the apple from our tree into an apple/cranberry/almond conserve with cinnamon and nutmeg.
I have also been jammin'!
My first attempt at grape jelly was by the book with a BUTT LOAD of sugar. But I cooked too long and it came out like a giant grape Jolly Rancher, but my next try was better and then I made strawberry jam. I have been making the jams with stevia or suncrystals instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners.
The grape jam tastes like grapes, while the Smuckers stuff tastes like gross candy.
Mine is better! so there!

Dilly beans are sitting on the shelf too. In a couple of weeks we'll see how they turned out.
I promise funny pictures.

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