Sunday, October 16, 2011

Coop quilt part 3 It's done!

It's finally done!!!!
There were a few more steps from the last time we left off...

We made paint sample patches to test the spray we were going to use to protect the art from the elements outside. I didn't want my hard work to bubble off because we didn't do a simple compatibility test!
It's a good thing we did the test too, because we discovered that the polyurethane spray yellowed the light blue color on the right side; I am not sure if that shows in the picture.
So we reserved the can of polyurethane for the backside of the board, and then we tested a clear KRYLON spray on the left side. Perfect!

Drum roll please....tudududududududududududududududududududududududududududuh....

Ta Da!
Keith suggested using mirror holders to attach it to the coop, he did all the leveling and screw-driving, while I held the board up. It was HEAVY!
And there you have it!

I noticed on the barn quilt site that the quilt squares have names, some are very descriptive, others are whimsical.
Ours should have a name too.

We have been tossing around geeky astro-physics names like "Big Bang", "Eclipsed Sun", "Singularity","Sol",etc.
If anyone has a name suggestion for this creation we would love to hear it!

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