Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Clansmen are gonna love this!

My gift to Keith for our anniversary is a kilt for working in!
This should keep him nice an cool while he works away in the summer heat.

Here's my BraveHeart, or is it Brave Fart?
wearing his new Utilikilt!


Apparently the best things in life ARE free!

All you jealous clansmen can go get your own kilt at


sandy & kerry said...


What's the high up there at this time....70 degrees???? And the humidity....20%(at the most)????

Shoot! A kilt wouldn't even work down here in the good ole' south.

Down here, we work outside during the summer in the buff. I'll send some pictures, soon, to show ya'.

hehehehehe :)

sandy & kerry said...

Concerning the last post on "working in the buff" -

Talk about "freedom"!! Can't get anymore free than that.