Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summertime and the livin' is easy!

Keith had a short day at work, and he didn't get off a moment too soon!
He has a nice break until next Wednesday.

Do you suppose working in the sun has cooked his brain a bit?
I can't help but wonder what Benny is thinking in this picture!

Stay cool everybody!


Dodopeli said...

If I wasn't nausiated enough with the food poisoning, now I had to witness this! ew.

wanakami said...

Ah, the evolution of a blog: from Corpus Christi to Corpus Butt.

Howyadoon, Sweetcheeks!

appleseed said...

It's cute when my little man does it, just sick and disturbing that yours does, and you put it on your website!
EEEEWWWWW for the second time.
What work did he have a short day from???? Getting dressed?

sandy & kerry said...

I believe I saw that same "tush" on a streaker that made an appearance at Wimbledon the other day.

How come ya'll didn't tell any of US that you were going to England?