Monday, July 24, 2006

House History

It's been too long since the last post!
But this piece of Bushel 'n' Peck history is worth waiting for.
Awhile back Keith and I visited the superintendant of schools office to see if there was
any documentation about our old house.
If you don't already know, our house used to be a one room school house!
I just got this photo from the nice gal at the superintendant's office!
# 6 Truly School -Built 1886- Opened March 9, 1888 and was abandoned September 30, 1931
I love the little girls on the horse with their wool stockings.
I wonder who these bunchkins were, and what their life was like in the Millegan valley back then.
When our home is finally renovated we'll party like it's 1899!
Yeah! A "Little House on the Prairie" theme! We'll keep Y'all posted.
Don't worry! You will have plenty of time to get your 19th century togs because the house has to be finished first!
Click on the picture below to get a better look at these darling girls!

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