Monday, May 28, 2012

Project Rapunzel

O.K. I'm sick of this short hair, and hair cuts that are more like scalpings.
So here goes a nice long-term project. I'm thinking 5 years!!!

I'll post pics of my hair as I remember, and I'll report on the all the silly things I try to keep it growing.
Here's the starting pic.
Please don't laugh.

1 comment:

missy said...

Tracy , you have a lot of nice layers in your hair which look great and will look great as you grow it out. I have a below the chin bob which I just had cut from below the shoulder all on length hair. I've always had long hair and have been wanting it as short as yours. My sister has your exact cut and she just throws some hair gel in it and it looks great.

Good luck with your plan...I look forward to the updates.

-missy aka pennyhenny